International artist Teresa Margolles commissioned myself, with Michelle BishopLaura Gadson and Jerry Gant to produce a work for her show at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, N.Y.

Teresa's work deals with the impact of violence on communities. A cloth containing fragments taken from the ground where he lay, (through a process developed by her) was presented to us to express our response to the death of Eric Garner by the police. We presented the (de)construction of the U.S. flag, each of us concentrating on a particular aspect of it. 

I spotlighted female victims of police violence. the media, through selective attention, creates a unnecessary gender-bias that renders Black and Latina women invisible (inuring the perp's immunity). The victims I named were given press at that time, but now I had to search to even find a mention. How can their families get justice? 

Conni Maculata is the patron saint I created for the victim's memorial, her name a play on conium maculatum, the Latin name for Hemlock. This poisonous plant has been the instrument for women's justice for centuries. Ironically, in very small doses however, it is used for the rapid healing of serious wounds.

Embroidery gave the victims the "Hollywood Star" treatment. Because in our entertainment society, celebrity is how people remain in our minds.