Super String Theory Design is a studio that designs, develops and fabricates textiles for diverse applications–to live, wear, experience, perform. We genially accept commissions and private label.


I am the descendent of 3 generations of dressmakers and tailors; textile creativity was my inheritance. I have been involved in the formation of some kind of fabrication, be it clothing, home textile or art, since childhood.

My experiences in the field have been wide-ranging; but my feet or rather hands, have never varied too far from the path set out before me by my ancestors. 


I am involved in the entire journey of fiber and fabric – from sourcing and preparation to its transformation across a range of textile activities – spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving, construction, dyeing and embellishment. Each of these mediums also present numerous paths to explore. I am technique driven, possessing a large vocabulary of styles; it is the language of the maker, and the process that leads me to discoveries for myself and a rich palette of creative solutions for my clients. 


This global, cross-cultural reference book I call The World. The relentless perfection of nature. Erté. Alvaró. The Bronx and its parks. My clients who take me out of my comfort zone. Jennifer Tee. Tyrone Mitchell. Joyce J. Scott. AfriCOBRA. Weusi. Barry Keldoulis. Jacey Boggs. The philosophy, design and works of my African, American and indigenous heritage. Architecture. Modernism. Afro-Futurism. New York City. The Harlem Girl's Quilting Circle. El-Anatsui. New South Wales, Australia. And more.



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